For a long long time.   Canada has been forgotten.

One of the biggest arms in the beast of technology.  A place where technological passion and innovation happens daily yet sometimes quietly forgotten.

But not by it’s community.   Not by it’s people. 

Not by Microsoft.

It started with Energize IT.   A free conference sponsored by Microsoft and several partners in Toronto to bring the community together.  It continued with Influencers conferences tying the various links of those communities together.  From high end Enterprise specialists, IT Pros, Managers, Community groups and Enthusiasts alike.

And this year, we have something wonderful in Canada.  A True conference to bring computer people together.   To get technology into our hands in a tightly intense session.

Techdays-CA 2008!

Because Microsoft Canada recognized that we as a country are a huge IT Community.   It recognized shortages in the industry.    Microsoft Canada saw that one of the biggest problems is all the conferences that put hands on technology, seminars and training are for the most part south of the border.

But not anymore. No more!   A huge conference is going on across Canada province Wide.   Held inside just about every key IT Hotspot in Canada.   Not a marketing tour.   A Technology tour.

What does Techdays-CA 2008 mean to you as an IT Pro? As a Developer? As a Human who even likes the way a pack of DVD’s smells?

It means that chance to hear from people using new technology, getting your fingers into it.  Touching it feeling it.   Expanding your horizons.   And for FAR less than the cost of a lot of the training classes out there.

It also brings people together.  People of a common thread, common country, a common mindset.


Where and When is TechDays-CA 2008?

Presently there are seven planned dates on the calendar across Canada

Location Date
Toronto October 29th / 30th
Montreal November 6th / 7th
Ottawa November 27th
Winnipeg December 4th
Calgary December 10th / 11th
Halifax December 17th
Vancouver January 21st / 22nd

What is the cost?

If you register early you’ll save half the cost on the conference in your local area!  Two days conferences such as Toronto will run $499.99 Canadian.  One day conferences like Winnipeg will cost $249.99.   Registering BEFORE October 15th will get you the early bird price which is almost 1/2 OFF! And space is limited to 5,000 people total!  So hurry!

Christmas Presents when it’s not’s Christmas?

That’s right folks!   What’s a great conference without something to take away (other that intense knowledge and a fantastic time!).

Check out the the bag of goodies!

6-month TechNet Plus Subscription
Visual Studio 2008 Professional – Full Package Product
Expression Web – Full Package Product
Visual Studio 2008 Team Suite – Evaluation Software
Expression Studio – Evaluation Software
Virtualization Resource Kit
30% off certification voucher – Applicable to All MS Certification Exams
TechEd 2008 DVD Set
$100 Discount Coupon for DevTeach/SQLTeach

No matter how you add it up, Techdays-CA 2008 is worth more than it’s dollar value!  I can tell you that Technet Plus Subscription by itself it outstanding!  "Here computer professional.  You’ve just gotten every key Microsoft application in your hands for the next six months!"

Yes.  Even Server 2008 DATACENTER Edition!  If you’re an IT Pro, you know how rare that is.  If you’re a budding developer Visual Studio 2008 Professional nullifies the cost and THEN some.

And you’re getting hands on with the experts while you’re there to boot!

What are you waiting for?

Register now! Register Today!  Watch the TECHDAYS-CA 2008 Website for registration details!

Looking for more details?

Watch these Microsoft blog sites for more information and details from people behind the event!