That’s right everybody.  In a short time of barely 40 days Techdays-CA 2008, THE premier technology tour will be making it’s way through the dangerous highways and bi-ways.  Facing danger like no other human has ever seen. 

Professionals armed only with knowledge and NOTHING ELSE, are coming your way.

All joking aside, it will be here before you know it.  Techdays-ca 2008 is barely 40 days away.  Registration should happen soon.  Remember to register before October 15th 2008 to get the best price.

And you know what?


That’s right! An actual GLIMPSE inside the tour-de-force that is Techdays-ca 2008.

"You mean they’re going to show us the whole show before we get in?"

No, I mean I can tell you what you should be in store for.  

Think of it this way.   You want to learn?  Techdays-ca 2008 is cheaper than most courses.   It’s a day (or two depending where you are) away from work, hanging out learning stuff, inspiring AND relaxing at once.  


Like a peek?

Track details on Day one


Track Details on Day two


One word.  WOW!  Your brain will be stuffed good by the the end of THIS!

So ready to jump in? Convinced?  Get registered now, get two those two days off !  Do it now!  Get registered online.  Do it before Octobert 15th for the best rate.  Do it before all the spots are filled.

Do it before your boss finds out.  They just might want to go too… 🙂

It’s a time for learning and a time for growing.

Techdays-ca 2008.   It’s a time for you.