It’s common place knowledge with any IT Professional, Generalist or Enthusiast that Sysinternals has some astounding free tools for Windows.  

But not everybody knows.     Especially people new to the field.

Now don’t be shocked, yes it now re-directs to Microsoft.    But the same Utilities (and some New ones) are still available.

"What are you talking about?" a new long Enthusiast asks.

How would you like a Task Manager pumped up with so much power your eyeballs will pop open?  Or multiple desktops in Windows?  Like to get a gander at potential Rootkits hooking into your system?

That’s all part of Mark Russinovich and his amazing pile of utilities (which is STILL be added on and expanded to this very day!)

Think about this.  If you’re troubleshooting some obscure problem and you’d just LOVE to see what the O/S is doing… YOU CAN!

The "Process Monitor" is astounding for that need! You can selectively isolate what application you’re watching and note what it IS or ISN’T able to do with the file system and registry.  Great for Developers too if you’re banging your head why and application worked in XP and ISN’T working in Vista.

Don’t forget there’s also the "Process Explorer".  Think of this as "Task Manager" meets Arnold Schwarzenegger.   IT’S PUMPED UP!

"Rootkit Revealer" is a snazzy little scanner.  It doesn’t remove, but it can certainly point you down the path if there is a problem with a Rootkit infestation.

"BGINFO" is a VERY simple and nice program that builds a "BMP" File to use as a background.  That file contains whatever descriptive information you would require for a desktop (MachineName, CPU, Speed etc).  Managing multiple computers?  Use this.  Free and simple and no real overhead.

And if you don’t have the time to poke through the entire list on Technet, Sysinternals. now has a live File Listing you can access off the internet.  Think of it as a memory of files from Microsoft.   The list is not descriptive but it IS complete.

There are so many others to delve into but I highly recommend going into there and poking about.   I could spend all night long talking about this bag of goodies.

And probably will.