Ok poking about in the system, found a little gem sitting there I never noticed before.    If you use Windows Live Photo Gallery, normally you just use the Live Spaces account.   But I clicked on "Other accounts".  Found a bonus.

Did you know you can link Windows Live Photo Gallery to Flickr.com for publishing?

What is Flickr.com you ask?

Unless you’ve been in the dark ages (I was for until about a year ago) Flickr.com is great service for storing and displaying photos.   The nice part Flickr offers is the ability to view a photo in sizes as big as the original you uploaded, or small enough for Grandma and Grandpa to view over dial up internet.   

You can just send a link to the photo or list of photos.   For a few dollars more you can display and customize multiple libraries.

And you can do that with Live Spaces too.   But it’s nice that you have that Flickr.com account and Microsoft provides a way to directly upload the photos.

So how difficult is it to use and setup?

Can you type?  Can you click a mouse button?  That’s the complexity level.

Start up Windows Live Photo Gallery.

Choose the pictures you wish to publish (or entire folder) as you normally would.   Then on the top menu bar choose "Publish".  Instead of "Publish on Live Spaces" or "Publish on MSN Soapbox", choose More Services and then "Publish on Flickr"

Follow the step by step instructions.  Provide you Flickr account when asked

Once you’re done, you’ll have an additional choice on "Publish" which will read "Publish on Flickr".  Works the same way as publishing to Live Gallery.   Just a nice additional option available to you.  You can get free tools from Flickr to do the same thing, but this is nice in that it is a) Native to the Operating System and b) Keeps it working the same as Live Spaces making it easier to explain to others a nice simple way to get to their photos.

And free too

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