It must be the caffeine.  I can’t be this excited.

My Server 2008 Core box is just blinking away at me, beckoning me.  Calling me.

Add FEATURES! I’m ready to play!

"But Duuuuuuh! I just got a command line. I can’t do ANYTHING!"

Yeah right.   What a load of malarkey!

Everything in Core that you can do from GUI land can be done from command prompt.   Sometimes GUI land makes more sense.  But Core Command world is easier to automate.

And it’s all DOCUMENTED!

There’s a fantastic Blog at Microsoft that points you right into the directions you should go if you’re interested in Core and what your can do with it.

And it ain’t no Apple Core either! (Sorry Mr. Ballmer, pardon the pun)

Yeah seems pretty obvious right?

But inside this blog are words of wisdom from some of the very wizards behind Server 2008 Core, tips tricks.   Unfortunately they DON’T show how to make a fondue with it.

Now for a simple trick.  You want to add features to Core right?  Make it a little more than "Pretty and Solid?"

Two magic commands are OCSETUP.EXE and OCLIST.EXE.  I have no clue what the "O" stands for than maybe "options"

But OCLIST (Options Core List) shows you all the features and with the word "installed" if the feature is in there. 

"But it went by too fast… WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

No problem.  Just run


and that will dump the output to the current folder you’re in.

If you want to put it somewhere more useful then



(Fine! Not programmatically the BEST and most EFFICIENT wording, but you get the idea).   Just substitute "C:SOMEWHEREMOREUSEFUL" with the directory name of your choice and "LISTOFTHINGS.TXT" with a better looking filename you fussy person… šŸ™‚

You can use NOTEPAD.EXE to open that file up to browse it in a more sensible manner (What you weren’t going to scroll up and down the Window? But that’s so much more fun!)

Now that you have that list, you can see what to add.  The "adding part" is easy.

Just run OCSETUP with "Whatcha wanna add"

So I’ve decided I want my Server Core to be a DHCP server.   Cuz I want to.  Cuz I don’t like the router guy and I’m takin’ over see?

So to add this feature into the system I need simple run


"Hey wait a minute Mr. Smarty Pants!  Where did you get THAT from?"

Well look into that big file that we dumped out before "LISTOFTHINGS.TXT" (or whatever your mindset chose) and you’ll see a pile of names with "Not Installed" or "Installed" to the left.

The names are pretty self explanatory for the roles, if they’re not, a quick search online through should yield the answer.

And yes, it’s case sensitive.

So I run this OCSETUP DHCPServerCore and soon I have a DHCPServer!

But I want to manage it! I want to create scopes!


So quit yer griping!  We’ll get into managing this Power box next article.

For Now, I’m done my work, and I’m having my dinner

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