You know Microsoft gets a LOT of bad press. 

A lot of knocks and pokes.

But they do a lot of good and offer a lot of free resources to the community.   And they are constantly trying to improve.

Let’s start with internal points of contact.  If others would like to add they are quite welcome to. 

Here in Canada there are FOUR KEY blogs you can start off with and jump off from there

For Canadian IT Professionals (Ok, Nerds that play with wires, workstations and activedirectory or just think a blinking light is neat) there is

For Developers and Code Monkeys (or whatever the appropriate word for programmer is nowadays and people who can speak in pure binary)

For People who are involved which trying to make websites, software and the overall environment actually USEFUL to regular humans

For People who have to DEAL with all these idiots (I know I am one of the idiots in question getting managed)

Check these resources out.  They’re free.  They don’t cost you a penny other than internet access.   There is an email button at the top of each of these pages.  Yes.  These people DO actually answer you too.

The blog resources not only contain information from Microsoft but also stories and tips from NON Microsoft people who work in the field and have absolutely no affiliation with Microsoft.

And just simply going to


and you can do a search into one of the biggest free libraries of resources Microsoft has.

Their own people.

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