A Hidden Gem for IT Professionals

I need to stand up and say something.

Technet Direct is one of the biggest hidden gems you will ever find.

It is the BIGGEST BANG FOR THE BUCK from Microsoft you can get (short of the Action Pak of course)

So you need access to software, you need to play with Exchange 2007 or 2003.  You need media and access to resources.

What if I were to tell you there is a cost effective solution for you?

What If I were to tell you it would run only about $25 a month? Maybe less?

Technet Direct.

The actual cost is about $350 per year, but look online, Microsoft often has specials bringing that to $250.

But Why?  That’s what I used to say?

Technet used to be "Beta software, Service Packs, and Timebomb software"

Not anymore.

You get access to just about EVERY KEY APPLICATION an IT Professional could ever want need.  Whether to test, play with or whatever.

You can legally use the software for a full year.  But there isn’t a time bomb killing the apps.  So you can safely work on your test servers and forget about.  Just renew the subscription in a year.

To make things sweeter you get two of those REALLY expensive product support incidents.   This puts you in touch with the premier specialists at Microsoft who can trouble shoot why things go wrong.

Catch 22 is you have to download the ISO’s yourself so you’ll need a high speed connection.

But for $599 you can get all that shipped STRAIGHT TO YOUR HOUSE!   So if can’t have highspeed for whatever reason, this also works.

Check it out

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2 Replies to “A Hidden Gem for IT Professionals”

  1. TechNet Direct is great … but the DVD TechNet Plus subscription is even better.
    The up-front cost is a little higher, but ultimately, having those disks around can save time, bandwidth, and storage volume for low demand items like ISOs.
    We have been on the DVD subscription for years now and there is no turning back … even to save a few bucks.
    And, TechNet Plus subscribers have had access to new products well before others have! 😉

  2. BTW,
    Good start!
    Suggestion: Get those categories working. They will be a very big help for those looking for general topical info, or to filter down towards a goal of finding specific info.

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