Had some time to myself this weekend, a little time to stretch creatively and play. 

So I finally sat down and blanked off my Dual Core box.    Finally Sat down and put in Server 2008 Core.

The operation isn’t difficult.  I just had the usual pile of rubbish I didn’t know where to put it. 

So I picked a good spot.   The Recycle Bin.  Nothing ever gets lots in the Recycle Bin right?  Best place for archiving data.


Oh well then.  I guess live and learn

So I downloaded a fresh copy of the media from Technet.  One of the nicest things you can get your hands on is Technet Direct.   For about $300 per year, you get access to almost every key application from Microsoft. 

No 120 day timeouts.  No Catch 22.  Pretty sweet.  Plus two technical support incidents from Microsoft.  Very impressive.

So installing Core.   Just popped in the media, Installed the O/S.  Chose a "Core Server 2008 Enterprise" install.   Let that puppy run through.  I think in barely half an hour I had Core installed and running.

So what to do now?  You’ve got a server with no GUI and minimal apps.   But the wonderful thing is you haven’t lost any power.   In fact you’ve gained.   So much resources available at your finger tips.

What can core be?

How about.

Hyper-V Virtual environment

File and printer Server

Web server

Domain Controller

and so much more.   

What is impressive is would think that with no MMC to run and manage directly, you’d be dead in the water.  But no.  No.

Not at all.  Not one tiny bit.

Everything you need to do in core (well say about 90%) can be done at the command Prompt.   The Oh so Mighty command prompt.  Including managing that wonderful built in Firewall.  OH yeah!

Next time I’ll try and touch on some of the built in shell commands.  Maybe show the rest of us who didn’t realize the power Microsoft has sitting on a command prompt.

And so far this is before getting into Powershell.   

Until next time folks

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