Today I got some time to myself.   A rarity.   And thus I got to really play with Hyper-v (Formerly known as Windows Server Virtualization, mostly I think because Hyper-V is so much cooler sounding.. 🙂 )

Now just to let you know, I am cheap. I have no budget.  So my Virtualization environment has to fit that budget. 

So what do you need?

Uhhh… You need a computer (SLAP!)

Yeah I felt that one coming. 

Ok, reality.  You need a processor with 64bit capability. Itanium will not cut it.  Newer Intel / AMD chips and most newer Xeon processors will have this.

It needs to support Virtualization at a hardware level on the CPU directly.  Again, not all chips have this and you will need to research.  But mine is a 2.4 Ghz Core2 chip 6600 series.   Pretty budget minded if you look on eBay or even your local shop.   The board for my chip was about $200.

Four gig of ram (you can do it with 2 though, I did to start) is about $100.

You can run it on any hard drive but a 500 gig is just about $100 as well.

So with a budget of about $500 you can have the guts to play.  and I do mean PLAY!

If you don’t have the budget to Buy Server 2008 and you’re just a guy like me, you have two options.  You can download the Trial media from Microsoft for free.  I believe it runs for 120 days if not 180.

Or if you can swing it, get "Technet Direct".  It’s normally $300 but look about on the internet.  Microsoft has been having it on special for $200.  That will get you just about every operating system and server application they have to play with for a FULL YEAR (Even comes with two of those very expensive product support calls included!)

Now just so you get a feel for what you can do with this power, here’s what I am doing right now.

Running 7 operating systems side by side.  Server 2008, Server 2008 with Exchange 2007, Server 2008 Core, Server 2008 in Terminal Mode, Server 2003 and Server 2003 with Exchange 2007 with a Vista workstation to boot.  All in 64 bit mode.

All happy.  

Granted this is NOT best practice.  But my overall cpu is not spiking at all.  I’ll give you more details later tonight as I start loading it up but it is absolutely amazing what you can pull off with this.    And the more ram you throw at it.  The faster she goes… 🙂

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